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Introducing our law firm
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Tonya Kent
Criminal Defence 

Tonya Kent

Tonya is a fierce and passionate advocate who understands the impact of criminal charges on the person charged and their loved ones.  Tonya patiently listens and takes her time to ensure her clients understand what is happening with their case and helps them understand the court system.  She dedicates herself to obtaining the best possible result for her clients and gives their matter the full attention that is required.  Further, Tonya understands the discretion that is necessary when dealing with sensitive charges that could affect a person’s reputation and livelihood.

Our Services and Practice Areas

Criminal Defence Law

Domestic Assault

Youth Charges


Sexual Assault


Drug Offences

Dangerous Driving

Firearms and Other Weapons Charges

Impaired/Refuse Breath Sample


Other Services

Independent Legal Advice (ILA)

Record Suspensions

Notary Public Services

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